Diverger (ASX: DVR) Elevates Adviser Efficiency with FinTalkr, a Cutting-Edge AI Platform

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- PRESS RELEASE Sydney, 1st Dec '23 -


Diverger (DVR), a prominent player in the financial services sector, announces the successful adoption of FinTalkr, a market-leading AI platform designed to revolutionize the workflow of Financial Advisers through automation of file notes. This strategic move is aligned with Diverger's commitment to providing its adviser network the best-in-class technology and process innovations.


FinTalkr recently completed a successful pilot with Diverger in which it has demonstrated its AI technology in streamlining production of structured file notes, significantly saving financial advisers time (up to a day a week) and allowing them to spend more time with clients and less on administration. The platform achieves this by capturing, transcribing and analysing meetings between advisers and clients automatically generating comprehensive file notes and other essential deliverables. Not only does FinTalkr enhance operational efficiency, but it also ensures improved compliance outcomes, adding an extra layer of value for Diverger's adviser community.


Nathan Jacobsen, Managing Director of Diverger, expressed his enthusiasm for the implementation of FinTalkr, saying, 
"At Diverger, we understand efficiency is the key challenge facing advice practices today. As part of our expanded process & technology offer, we are actively working to solve these challenges in partnership with our network. FinTalkr aligns with this goal, offering our advisers a cutting-edge solution that saves them valuable time and money."


James Wartho, CEO of FinTalkr, shared his excitement about the collaboration, saying,
"FinTalkr is dedicated to being a leader in AI for the financial services industry. We are delighted to work with Diverger on this market-leading innovation, as it not only reinforces our commitment to excellence but also showcases how FinTalkr's advanced capabilities can drive transformative change within the sector."


The production rollout of FinTalkr marks an important milestone for Diverger and its adviser community, as they continue to embrace innovation and set new standards for efficiency and compliance in the financial services landscape.


About Diverger (ASX: DVR):

Diverger shares an ambition with financial advisers and accountants to create positive industry change. Our vision is to grow a collective of Australia’s leading brands that leverage the infrastructure and capability that Diverger brings for the benefit of our professionals and the clients they serve. For more information refer to www.diverger.com.au.


About FinTalkr:

FinTalkr is a market-leading AI platform designed to revolutionize financial advice and is also being leveraged in other sectors. By capturing and transcribing meetings between advisers and clients, FinTalkr automates the generation of file notes and other deliverables, significantly reducing administrative burden and improving compliance outcomes. As a leader in AI for the financial services industry, FinTalkr is dedicated to driving transformative change and innovation.



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