Voice Recognition - More voices? No problem.


FinTalkr now includes multiple clients!


The latest release of FinTalkr now supports multiple clients in the meetings. We have heard feedback from our Advisers that up to 50% of meetings contain more than one client. For instance, husband and wife. To support this, when you initiate a new meeting on FinTalkr you can select multiple clients and the AI will work to separate out the advice and comments to each participant and generate the File Note accordingly.


The FinTalkr team are often asked about capturing conversations on a mobile phone. The latest release of the AI platform now allows users to record and generate file notes in Chrome on IOS and Android. This is a major uplift in capability for those on the run, those working from home, and those who speak mainly on their mobile phone even in the office.


There are many other cool features in the latest release, such as new AI generation icons, the ability to search for a specific client within your long historic call list, and improved File Note editing features. We have made many performance enhancements like making it faster to load large transcripts.


FinTalkr is designed for financial advisers. It saves hours of admin time every week by automating file notes from your conversations using AI. FinTalkr simplifies compliance, and allows you to focus on your clients.

New features are available from Monday, 5 February 2024.