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Save one day a week with FinTalkr's conversational driven AI platform. We are helping advisers like you dramatically improve their productivity and compliance.  We automate the admin and give you 50-100% more time to spend with your clients.

AI for Financial Advice in Australia.

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  Days of Admin Saved
   File Notes Delivered
   GB of Data Securely Stored

Nathan Jacobsen  (CEO - Diverger ASX:DVR) - "At Diverger, we understand efficiency is the key challenge facing advice practices today. As part of our expanded process & technology offer, we are actively working to solve these challenges in partnership with our network. FinTalkr aligns with this goal, offering our advisers a cutting-edge solution that saves them valuable time and money."

Reine Clemow (Aquira Wealth Partners) "FinTalkr generates detailed File Notes automatically from our meetings. We quickly review/add/amend and end up with a great File Note which far exceeds our basic hand drafted notes. I am excited by what this platform is doing today but also what is coming. The team are responsive to our input and this platform is definitely part of our practice going forward"  

Why FinTalkr™

Key Benefits

Every day, you work with clients and model financials. But your days are filled with admin, record keeping, file noting and compliance. FinTalkr™ is the AI game changer 

Cut Admin Time

Save hours per week of admin time. FinTalkr™ generates your File Notes automatically using AI from your conversations.

See More Clients

Increase your Client facing time and boost the top line of your business by increasing revenue. Move from client meeting to client meeting without a worry. FinTalkr™ will do your work for you.

Better Meetings

Give your full attention to your client. Forget taking notes or writing detailed File Notes in the meeting. Instead, focus your energy and attention on your Client and let FinTalkr™ do the work.

Better Compliance

Keep your client audio, transcripts and File Notes in one place with no expiry date. Have all these artifacts available to compliance at the click of a button. File Notes are linked to audio and transcript for full tracability.

Security & Privacy

Don't compromise your security with solutions that email file notes or require you to transfer files over the internet.  FinTalkr™ provides a secure industrial strength platform for managing your sensitive data. Don't be the next cyber headline.

Data in Australia

FinTalkr™ stores and processes client personal information in Australia. ChatGPT, Otter and other US based platforms put you at risk of breaching Australian Privacy Laws.

Quality of Advice

Be ready for the 'Quality of Advice' legislation with market leading AI to allow you to take advantage of new compliance standards and work processes. FinTalkr™ continues to build towards this legislation.

Future Proofed AI

If you think what we are doing today is impressive, wait to you see what's coming. We make major releases every 1-2 months with new features, funtions and capabilites. Stay at the forefront of Financial Advice AI with FinTalkr™

Chosen by Industry Leaders

Industry Leaders cant be wrong. FinTalkr has been selected by large Superannuation and Financial Advice firms. Their onboarding and security checks were extensive and they chose FinTalkr™

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