FinTalkr™ is a Conversational driven AI platform to help Financial Advisors like you dramatically increase their productivity.  We automate the admin and give you more time to spend with your clients.

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We know it is tough being a Financial Advisor today. We have created an AI productivity tool, including the latest developments from ChatGPT and others, specifically designed to save you at least 50% of your admin time. This allows you to better focus on your client relationships and give great advice.

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Discover the benefits of FinTalkr™. A game-changer just for you.

Every day, you talk to your clients, but the burden of writing up File Notes and ensuring proper compliance can be overwhelming. But with FinTalkr™, you can benefit from:

Improved Productivity

Save up to 8 hours per week of admin time! FinTalkr generates your file notes automatically from your conversations. 

Remove The Hassle

Keep your client audio, video and file notes in one place with no expiry date. Forget transferring large files. Even upload historical meetings.

Protect your business

Protect yourself with permanent records of all client meetings including audio, video, and file notes. A full record making audits and compliance a breeze.

Future of Advice Legislation

Be ready for the 'Future of Advice' legislation with advanced client records, easing your work load and streamlining your business.

Data Security

Australian hosted in the secure cloud. Don't breach data protection rules by sending your data offshore and directly into open AI engines. 

AI for Financial Advice

Financial Advice has its own terms and language. Our AI is trained on your business making it more accurate and saving you more time.

Future Proofed AI

AI is moving fast. Join FinTalkr and let us keep you ahead of the curve including ChatGPT and others.

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Discover the Power of Our Market-Leading Tech

FinTalkr's ground-breaking technology is here to transform your role as an advisor.

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  • Works on any device
  • Data stored in Australia
  • Best-in-market AI
  • Trained in advisor terminology
  • Compliant File Notes
  • Upload historical files
  • Automatic meeting summaries
  • Export to PDFs/CRMs
  • Automated task generation
  • Compliance alerts

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Discover the Power of Market-Leading Tech

  • Centralize and effortlessly manage your video and audio files.
  • Securely store all data within Australia, without any expiry (unlike Teams).
  • Harness the potential of proprietary and best-in-market AI (OpenAI) in a Personal Information (PI) compliant way.
  • Rely on tailored speech-to-text technology, expertly trained in Financial Advisor terminology.
  • Effortlessly generate compliant File Notes, in line with forthcoming legislation
  • Edit and upload historical File Notes, Audio, and Video files with ease.
  • Receive concise, auto-generated summaries of meetings.
  • Seamlessly export PDFs and integrate them with your favorite CRM.
  • Stay informed with automatic compliance alerts.
  • Take swift action with auto-generated tasks based on meeting content

10 Incredible Benefits to Elevate Your Practice to New Heights

FinTalkr's groundbreaking technology is here to transform your role as an advisor.

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