How FinTalkr™ Works

FinTalkr™ is a Conversational AI-driven platform to help financial service advisors dramatically increase their productivity; giving them more time to spend with their clients.

How it Works

7 Easy Steps to Save 50% of Your Admin Time

Every day, you talk to your clients, but the burden of writing up File Notes and ensuring proper compliance can be overwhelming. But with FinTalkr, you can:

  • Start Your Meeting

    Meet your client in person or via popular platforms like MS Teams.

  • Work with Your Client

    Let FinTalkr record your meeting, so you can focus on what truly matters: your client.

  • FinTalkr Scribes and Creates Your File Note

    Focus on talking with your client as FinTalkr transcribes your meeting and automatically generates your File Note.

  • Review & Update Your File Note

    Customize your File Note by typing or dragging items from the transcript. FinTalkr learns your preferences for next time.

  • Export Your File Note

    Export your File Note to PDF or automatically upload it to popular CRMs via our API.

  • Upload Your Historical Meeting Audio

    Keep all your meetings in one place. You can even upload your historic meetings, and centralise your whole client base.

  • Manage All Your Clients in One Secure Place

    FinTalkr's secure cloud environment, located in Australia, ensures your meetings never expire or get deleted. You'll have a full audit record whenever you need it.

Technology Developed in Australia


Discover the Power of Market-Leading Technology

10 Incredible Benefits to Elevate Your Practice to New Heights

FinTalkr's groundbreaking technology is here to transform your role as an advisor.

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AI evolves rapidly; let FinTalkr™ keep you ahead of the curve. 

FinTalkr™ integrates with cutting-edge AI engines as they emerge, combining them with proprietary AI developed for financial advice.

  • Meet in person or via leading online platforms  like MS Teams.
  • AI generated transcript and File Notes save you time. Review, tweak, save and your done.
  • File Notes are linked to the Audio transcript for future reference.
  • Empower your Para-Advisers with full audio records of meeting and detailed File Notes.
  • Market leading proprietry Financial Advice AI coupled with the latest Open AI. 
  • Full sentiment analysis of all client meetings gives you additional feedback on client mood.
  • Centralize and effortlessly manage your video and audio files in one place.
  • Don't send PI data offshore, securely store all data in Australia without expiry.
  • Upload historical audio and video files to auto-generate File Notes.
  • Seamlessly export generated File Notes and integrate them with your favorite CRM.

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